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      I am excited to announce that I am an AR RESONANCE mouthpiece dealer in the Pacific Northwest, based in Spokane, Washington.  After playing, performing and recording on AR trumpet and flugelhorn mouthpieces for years, I am happy to say I found the equipment setup for my sound and approach to the horn and making music.  AR Resonance Mouthpieces are quality, professional mouthpieces made in Italy by master craftsman Antonio Rapacciuolo.

I offer a 7-day trial on all mouthpieces that are not special order.  Special order mouthpieces, including flugelhorn, bronze, nickel silver, buffalo horn, gold plate, and stainless steel, are non-refundable.  All mouthpieces require a full payment before shipping and special order mouthpieces require full payment before any work can begin.

If you're interested in setting up an appointment to try AR Resonance Mouthpieces, please send me an email using the CONTACT form.

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