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"...Hall's expressive, probing trumpet style, offers a masterful, wide ranging sound, and varied emotional landscape."

-PAUL RAUCH, All About Jazz

"Hall employs a pleasant palette of sounds, blended smoothly, balanced by sharp intellect and refined craft." 

-STEVE GRIGGS, Earshot Jazz

"Stylistically Hall continues in the modern mainstream hard-bop traditions. He himself plays very expressively, with great emotional power." -LEONID AUSKERN, Jazz Square

"...not going gently into that good night to play cocktail jazz, this is thinking man's, sitting down hot stuff."

-CHRIS SPECTOR, Midwest Record 

"Jared Hall’s compositions are well-written, well-played and his talent and tone on trumpet, undeniably pleasant."

-DEE DEE MCNEIL, Musical Memoirs's Blog

"Jared’s trumpet is piercing (though not unpleasantly so) … in an exciting all-original jazz set that will be pure pleasure for your aural appendages… some of the tastiest trumpet work I’ve heard (yet) in 2017." 

-DICK METCALF, Improvijazzation Nation 

"...adding another potent voice on trumpet to the growing Seattle jazz scene."  -ABE BEESON, 88.5FM KNKX


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