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“This is a great 'trumpet tribute' to several artists all played by Jared Hall, but he keeps himself in the forefront with his unique sound, technique, and musicality. He wrote most of the tunes on this recording each in the 'style' of the individual player he's tributing, and if he keeps this up, trumpeters the world over will soon be trumpeting his style on their recording...Well done and great playing all the way through! He's listened to all the right cats, and it shows!

Randy Brecker – Multi-Grammy® Award Winning Trumpeter & Flügelhornist


"...Hall's expressive, probing trumpet style, offers a masterful, wide ranging sound, and varied emotional landscape."

-PAUL RAUCH, All About Jazz

"Hall employs a pleasant palette of sounds, blended smoothly, balanced by sharp intellect and refined craft." 

-STEVE GRIGGS, Earshot Jazz


"...adding another potent voice on trumpet to the growing Seattle jazz scene."  -ABE BEESON, 88.5FM KNKX

"Stylistically Hall continues in the modern mainstream hard-bop traditions. He himself plays very expressively, with great emotional power." -LEONID AUSKERN, Jazz Square

"...not going gently into that good night to play cocktail jazz, this is thinking man's, sitting down hot stuff."

-CHRIS SPECTOR, Midwest Record 

"Jared Hall’s compositions are well-written, well-played and his talent and tone on trumpet, undeniably pleasant."

-DEE DEE MCNEIL, Musical Memoirs's Blog

"Jared’s trumpet is piercing (though not unpleasantly so) … in an exciting all-original jazz set that will be pure pleasure for your aural appendages… some of the tastiest trumpet work I’ve heard (yet) in 2017." 

-DICK METCALF, Improvijazzation Nation 


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